Over my career I have brought marketing skill, business capability and consumer understanding to help build a variety of businesses.



Bringing a consumer focus to an entrepreneurial start up

SoapBerry Shop, a chain of retail beauty and skincare shops was evolving from an owner operated business to an international company of 50 stores. I wrote the first business plan, launched the first consumer promotion, repackaged the products and remerchandised the stores.


5% growth in same store sales.


Redefining and Relaunching a Professional Services Company

An advertising agency wanted to transform its business portfolio and service offering from a government advertising agency to a private sector communications company. I researched the market, top graded the services and staff, repositioned the brand and revamped the new business acquisition program.


We achieved double digit revenue growth during an industry recession.


Building new innovation capabilities for Canada’s largest food company

Maple Leaf Foods needed to evolve from being a low cost meat producer to a value added meats, meals and bakery company. The CEO recognized that this required improved marketing and product innovation skills and capabilities. I led the envisioning, design and construction of an innovation centre designed to be a marketing centre of excellence and a product development lab.


The Maple Leaf ThinkFOOD! Centre is a one of a kind, product innovation centre and marketing hub that has created some of Maple Leaf’s most successful new products.


Changing the conversation about Breakfast Cereal

The increasingly negative and often inaccurate media portrayal of the nutritional value of breakfast cereal was impacting sales. I led the launch of a national media relations program, focusing on myth busting the nutritional beliefs about cereal as a breakfast choice and focusing on its convenience.


This program resulted in the most extensive, positive broadcast and print coverage that the industry had experienced and predisposed journalists to cover the category more favourably in future.


Building a better understanding of Mental Health

There was very little understanding that CAMH in Toronto is a hospital for treatment of mental health issues. I led the creation and launch of an “Understanding” campaign using traditional, digital and social media focused on five mental health diseases and illustrated the personal stories of how recovery at CAMH can transform lives.


Post campaign launch media coverage of CAMH grew, CAMH tracking measured a significant growth in awareness of CAMH as a hospital, and importantly, more patients came to access CAMH services. The CEO regarded this program as was one of the most successful social marketing efforts CAMH has undertaken.


Redesigning the client and advertising agency relationship

Kraft’s advertising quality was suffering. As a leader of the Agency Restructuring Team I undertook a consultation with agency management and Kraft marketing teams, an audit of the advertising development process, a review of agency performance and an analysis of agency fees and costs. I restructured agency assignments, adjusted compensation and created new advertising development and performance measurement processes.


The client agency relationship was “re-set” with a measureable improvement in advertising quality, better trained marketing staff, improved agency profitability and reduced service costs for Kraft.


Shaping an industry position in response to proposed government regulation

Health Canada proposed aggressive targets for regulated sodium reduction, for industry to achieve over a 5-year period. I led a team from breakfast cereal manufacturers which did an in depth product formula assessment and global sodium reduction review with the objective of providing Health Canada with evidence based and actionable recommendations for sodium reduction.


Health Canada issued adjusted, more reasonable sodium reduction guidelines for industry.