As marketers, we sweat through the research and mine the data to uncover nuggets of consumer insight. We work to craft an inspiring brief for the creative team to transform this insight into a compelling narrative that drives consumer interest, purchase and loyalty. It’s an exciting journey, but as we all know, it’s not so easy to get right. It’s not surprising that in a recent survey of 1450 marketers from around the world by @the incite group, marketers identified that their top two challenges are: better understanding of their customers and more effective story telling for their brands.

I look to brands who get it right as the best teachers. My summertime favourite is a great ad campaign, that has been running for several years for #GoRVing. It’s a brilliant example of the 5 core principals for great brand messaging.

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What makes Go Rving so impactful?


1) At its core is a brilliant consumer insight.

All parents struggle with decisions big and small about how best to raise their children. They worry about how best to nurture confident, curious, independent kids in a stressed out over scheduled world. And, all parents want to give their kids the gift of happy childhood memories.

2) The promise is relevant to life. It’s not just about a product.

@Brian Solis says, “effective engagement is inspired by the empathy that develops simply by being human.” The brand promises that the best family experiences can come from the freedom to temporarily run away from structure and technology to experience life’s adventures. An RV makes this possible.
At no point do we see the inside of the RV or any of its features. These don’t matter. It’s not what the vehicle has, but how it can transform the family and help make new memories.

3) It captures the heart and the imagination.

As parents, it allows us to feel like a kid again. Go RVing inspires us to dream of the future memories we can make with our own kids. It makes us dream of our next family adventure. The message showcases, awe and unbridled joy. It’s fun.

4) It makes you think.

The message is about much more than vacations. Without parent shaming or scolding, it asks the question, “What kind of parent do you want to be?” It challenges us to think about our parenting style. Are we giving our kids rich and loving lifetime memories?
#Bring Back Wildhood, is a cry for a simpler time when kids just played. It beautifully contrasts RVing from all the usual leisure activities with which we indulge our kids: playdates, after school programs, and the latest technology. And, it rewards us with wildhood delight.

5) It is beautifully produced.

The ad is shot like a mini movie. It sucks you in to watch more. With the richness and complexity of the scenes, you discover new details when you watch it again.

The result is that this campaign is working. The Globe and Mail has reported that in the latest Canadian data, RV trips have increased by 7% in contrast to tent camping which has plummeted by 34%.

Go RVing teaches us that a brilliant consumer insight at the core of a great creative brief is the foundation for a highly engaging campaign that builds business. So, sweat the insights, be focused and about the creative brief. These are the keys to success.

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Kathryn Fitzwilliam helps brands improve the impact of their marketing investment and deliver better business results.