So, you have hired a new agency. You are excited and looking forward to great things. But how do you monitor and manage a productive long-term relationship that will deliver work that works?

I believe that one of the most successful tools to help manage your business partnerships is the practice of team performance evaluations conducted at least annually.

Survey data shows that relationships that are measured and monitored improve. An evaluation is not all that’s needed to boost a business relationship—but it sure helps a great deal.

It encourages the attention of everyone to pause for a moment, focus on the relationship and ask questions that require reflection and consideration—ultimately pointing the way towards improvement.

I help client-agency teams supercharge performance through evaluation, analysis and insight—powered by Aprais, the global leader in building stronger business relationships through evaluations.

Over the past two decades, Aprais has evaluated the relationships of leading marketers and agencies in more than 24,000 relationships in 92 countries and 13 languages. The Aprais databank of results allows companies to accurately compare their business relationships with those of their peers locally and globally.

Compared to other evaluation tools, Aprais is:

I understand that relationships are built on trust, so my Aprais-powered evaluation process operates with complete confidentiality, impartiality and to the highest security standards. For this reason, I do not publicly mention evaluation clients by name and focus purely on improving relationships.

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