Over my career I have brought marketing skill, business capability and consumer understanding to help build a variety of businesses.

Client Testimonials

“Thank you Kathryn for your support in helping us identify, qualify and finalize our selection for a digital production agency. Multiple stakeholders, including myself, mentioned this was their most organized, transparent and best experience in participating in an agency selection process. We would never had the framework, skills nor the expertise you brought to the table. You saved us not only valuable time and effort, but also helped creating a very positive first impression so crucial to start a new relationship.“

Stephan Serwe
Sr Director Marketing Revenue Operations

“I feel compelled to highlight that this is quite possibly the clearest, fairest, most organized and transparent RFQ briefing document that we have ever received. The detailed scope is invaluable for us to be able to put a proper team plan together, as is the breakdown of tasks, responsibilities and experience expectations. And the transparency related to the number of agencies and budget is refreshing.“

Alister Adams
General Manager &
Chief Digital Officer

“Kathryn—the agency paid you huge compliments for the outstanding job you did on the search process. A big THANK YOU again for such a professional and well-run process and for being an absolute pleasure to work with. Thank you also for the patience throughout as we navigated through Covid. I am so excited that we now have a great agency partner!!!“

Paul Gallagher
Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Clover Leaf Seafood

“Kathryn, you ran an awesome review and made it work despite the pandemic. We were really impressed and plan to mention that in a press release we are working on. I am sure we will run into each other again and I will certainly recommend you to other clients. Thanks again.“

Gino Cantalini
Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer
Giants & Gentlemen

“Clover Leaf Seafoods worked with Kathryn to run our agency search process because we wanted to have a thorough and well-structured approach to finding the best agency fit. Kathryn did an exceptional job for us! We were looking for a lead agency that could do it all for us—strategy, creative and media. She began the process with a number of internal stakeholder interviews to clearly define our needs and our values and ways of working. Leveraging her extensive experience in the industry, we shortlisted down to five agencies to consider. She then ran a “Qualifications Based Approach” that focused on agency capability—no spec work was requested. Her approach gave us deep insight into the capability and people within each agency. Given the Covid restrictions we were able to run the entire process virtually with “fit and chemistry” meetings via video calls. The feedback we received from the agencies that participated was overwhelmingly positive. They found it to be very professional and respectful of their resources as well.

From shortlisting the agencies, to moderating the discussions, Kathryn’s deep knowledge of the industry was a tremendous asset. Most importantly, Kathryn was an absolute pleasure to work with. She was always thoughtful, constructive and honest. We are absolutely thrilled with the end result—a very strong agency partner that is a great fit for Clover Leaf. Thank you Kathryn!“

Paul Gallagher
Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Clover Leaf Seafood

“While I’ve had other mentors in the past, Kathryn’s unique lens on navigating client/agency relationships from both sides of the table was incredibly valuable in terms of helping me understand how to do a better job of building meaningful relationships with my clients. As a strong leader, she was also instrumental in helping me navigate my own career path, and setting myself up for future growth within my agency. Working with Kathryn was an absolute pleasure and really great experience.“

Ethan Zon
Senior Director. Strategy
Influence Marketing

“With her client perspective and agency experience, Kathryn brought invaluable insight to the complex challenge of effectively consolidating our media agency roster. She helped our team skillfully manage this change across multiple businesses with many stakeholder groups in the newly merged Loblaw and Shopper’s Drug Mart organization. Kathryn challenged us with great questions and provided relevant external perspective in order to help us find creative solutions to any issues we encountered. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Kathryn on future projects.“

Byron Ells
Vice President, Digital & Media
Shopper’s Drug Mart

“I had the pleasure of working with Kathryn in her Marketing role at Kraft Canada. Kathryn has demonstrated a number of core strengths. These include translating business needs and issues into clear actions and solutions, managing stakeholder expectations throughout a project and a keen interest in keeping communications open and transparent. She operates in such a manner as to show respect for those she interacts with including Marketing teams, strategic agency partners and suppliers/ vendors. I have the utmost respect for Kathryn as an individual, a businesswoman, partner and counsel.“

Donald Miceli
Vice President (retired),
Global Media Director
Kraft Heinz

“I got to know Kathryn as the senior client managing the partnership with Southern Graphics Systems for pre press services for all of Kraft Canada’s print needs. Our first meeting was through a strict Canadian RFP process, where the stakes were high for our local office. We would either win it all or nothing. Through this I learned that Kathryn operates with the highest integrity. When we successfully won the Kraft account, she challenged us to deliver our best. She set clear goals and expectations for both us as a vendor and her internal team. She made sure that as a client, Kraft delivered on its commitments to us. She worked closely with us to make sure that Kraft and SGS could be successful together. And we were.“

Paul Naccarato
Senior Vice President FMCG
Southern Graphic Systems Canada